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National Workshop on Mainstreaming RBA in Development Organizations

9th to 11th April 2009
The three day workshop was organized from 9th to 11th April 2009 to discuss and develop a common understanding of the human rights based approaches. A significant component of the workshop/discussions was also to have their experiences of mainstreaming human rights based approach. Three categories of organizations including International Support Funding Organizations, middle level NGOs working at national/state level and small grassroots organizations working at village/block levels participated in the workshops. The identification and targeting of the organizations was done to facilitate a cross exchange of information and assess the level of understanding of rights based approach and its meaning.

Regional Workshop on NREGA in Bihar

5 March 2009
A one day regional workshop on NREGA was organized at Parivar Vikas Sanstha, Jamui Bihar. 30 organizations from adjoining districts participated in the workshop. The workshop discussed the NREGA in the context of right to food and livelihood and role of the organizations in ensuring proper implementation of the Act. The participants expressed keenness to play a meaningful role in NREGA through Monitoring and conducting social audit. They also planned a workshop on social audit involving more NGOs working in neighboring districts of Jharkhand. The workshop was co-organized by Parivar Vikas Sastha, Lok Vikas sanstha and PAIRVI.

Regional Workshop at Deoghar, Jharkhand

8th February 2009
Pairvi organized a regional workshop at Deoghar on the request of the local organizations from 6 neighboring districts of Bihar and Jharkhand. More than 25 organizations from the area participated in the workshop which dwelt mainly around the concerns of right to food and NREGA. All the participants resolved to come together to bring more transparency and accountability in the NREGA in their respective areas.

Youth Workshop on RTI in Uttarakhand

19-20 October 2008
Pairvi organized a two day workshop on RTI with youth at YMCA, Bhimtal on 19th and 20th October 25 individuals and organizations from Bhimtal, Nainital, Bhowali etc. participated in the workshop. The workshop discussed the fundamentals of RTI in detail and shared case studies on inspirational usage of RTI in Uttarakhand and elsewhere in the country.  The participants were also shown two films on RTI which showed that how RTI can be used to bring about transparency in the government and make the government accountable to people.

National Workshop on Advocacy

23-27 September 2008
A five day National workshop on advocacy was organized from 23rd to 27th September at Lucknow. 25 participants from 8 states participated in the five day intensive workshop. The workshop was aimed at discussing advocacy competence and initiatives of the participants and tried to exchange knowledge, skills and advocacy strategies. The participatory methodology was punctuated by inputs from experts and practitioners from various fields. 

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