Interventions: CLIMATE CRISIS

Civil Society Interactive Workshop on Climate Change; Areas of Policy and Action

On July 29th 2009, the Indian Habitat Centre in New Delhi was the venue of climate change interactive workshop where civil society representatives presented their opinions and discuss climate change priority areas. More than 50 organizations from Delhi and other states included WWF India, RIS, Oxfam India, CENTAD, Delhi Science Forum, SADED accepted invitation and took part at this workshop organized by common effort of Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition Asia, Institute of Development Studies Jaipur, Gene Campaign, CECOEDECON, and PAIRVI.

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Climate Crisis

Climate crisis has the potential to unexpectedly impact lives and development, and southern countries and communities dependent on natural resources are more vulnerable. Its interventions aim to bring urgency and adequacy in the mitigation and adaptation response of the governments and global community. It also works with vulnerable communities in strengthening their adaptive capacity. PAIRVI has engaged extensively with national and sub national policies on climate change as well as with international institutions like United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Conference of Parties (COP).