Interventions: Climate Change and Sustainable Development...

Consultative Meeting on Climate Change Negotiations and Policies

4th Dec 2016, Kolkata 
On the 4th of December 2016, a day-long conference was organized in Sewa Kendra, Kolkata, in active collaboration with Science Communicators' Forum. Around 30 people turned up and the three sessions were peppered with lots of questions and observations, after important and informative presentations on the climate politics, science and impacts visible in various zones of West Bengal (by researchers from the state).  Participants observed that this was the first such comprehensive climate issues discussion in West Bengal, and demanded further action on this awareness and education initiative.  

Consultation on Climate Crisis and Implementing SDGs in South Asia

15th Aug, Kathmandu
PAIRVI along with SADED Nepal, SADED India, Nepal youth forum & other groups organized a round table consultation on "Climate crisis and Implementing SDGs in South-Asia." The daylong meeting was held in Padmakanya College, Kathmandu. About 40 people from a wide section of Nepalese society, including senior government functionaries, ex planning commission people, academics, CSOs, teachers, political party activists student unions etc.

National Consultation on Energy: Status, Trends and Way Ahead

11th – 12th August, Bhopal
Two days National Consultation held in Pastoral Centre of Bhopal (MP) organized by PAIRVI in collaboration with BIC. The consultation saw a deliberate discussion on various aspects of energy like reality of power projects, electricity scenario, electricity policy, power sector financing etc. in India, and set the programs toward environmental justice. Participants also submitted their suggestions as well as Region and Sector-wise people's plan for strengthening the battle.

Consultation on Energy Issues in North East India

19th June, Shillong
Energy is source of all living beings but it is also becoming a problem for human beings. PAIRVI have tried to find out the realities of these energy projects by organizing a Consultation in collaboration with Manipur Nature Club and other organizations to discuss the energy projects and its effects on people, environment, water and forests in North East. It was attended by more than 30 participants from North Eastern states of India.

Taking Sustainable Development and Climate Agenda Post 2015

21st February 2016, Pune
The Consultation was organized in collaboration with BCPH, Stree Aadhar Kendra and Development Support Team. It was organized with an aim to bring convergence of ideas on what lies ahead for the climate and development agenda in 2016 and beyond. Mr. Prakash Javdekar, Minister, MOEF &CC has attended the meeting. The Consultation also explored how to engage with the national and regional agenda without forgetting the need to further shrill the demands of equity, justice and end to poverty and hunger globally.

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