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Nationalizing the Sustainable Development Goals: Economic, Social & Environmental Sustainability in Western India

6-7 July 2015, Ahmedabad
The consultation was organized in collaboration with IPPF, TWN, Landesa, FPA India and other civil society organizations from across the country. Mr. Shaktisinh Gohil, Congress, Dr. Kirit Solanki, BJP MP and Mr. Suresh Mehta Former CM participated in the event along with some other regional and national NGOs, experts, and academicians etc. Mr Gohli said that for sustainable development goals to be achieved, the gap between the haves and have-nots must be reduced. Mr. Mehta said that sustainable development was not possible when the laws are being bent to favour a few. Civil society groups also highlighted their views on sustainable development and expressed their concerns over the way issues are being addressed in the Sustainable Development Goals.
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HLPF Side Event on Integrating Three Levels of Accountability for a Robust and Effective Review Mechanism

1st July 2015, New York
The side event discussed how the review mechanism could create a synergy among three levels of accountability. It also discussed how the states could be incentivized to encourage their meaningful participation and how HLPF could use their hybrid structure to attract highest political attention for the SDGs.

Participation in Meeting with ECOSOC President on behalf of AP-RCEM

30th  June 2015, The HLPF, New York
Ajay Jha, representing BCPH, presented the statement on behalf of the Asia Pacific Regional CSOs Engagement Mechanism. The APRCEM’s main guiding force is a call for development justice, which demands five transformative shifts; redistributive justice, economic justice, social and gender justice, environmental justice and accountability to the people. The APRCEM believes that the post 2015 agenda, perhaps for the first time, offers the UN and the HLPF an opportunity to address systemic failures and meaningfully integrate economic, social and environmental objectives of the development.

State Consultation on Sustainable Development Goals and Dalits

30th May 2015, Patna
A Consultation on Sustainable Development Goals and Dalits was organized in Patna on 30th May 2015. The consultation witnessed presence of more than 50 participants across the state which includes different stakeholders like Dalit activists, leaders, academicians and civil society organizations. They were briefed about the global debate of sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainable development was discussed in the context of Dalits and their issues. Concerns were expressed on the lack of Dalits issues and devoid of Dalits Human Rights in the whole Sustainable Development Goals.

Asia Pacific CSO Forum on Sustainable Development

15–20 May 2015, Bangkok
Ajay K Jha participated in the Asia Pacific CSO Forum on Sustainable Development organized by UNESCAP and APWLD. He emphasized the need for a robust review and accountability mechanism at regional level through his interventions and presentations.

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