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Regional Consultation for East & North East India; Sustainable Development Goals – India Perspective

1st& 2nd April, 2015, Kolkata
Regional Consultation for North and East India was organized on Sustainable Development Goals in collaboration with IPPF, FPA India, CINI, Landesa and TWN India. The consultation was attended by Government Authorities, Civil Society Organizations, Academic Institutions, Research Organizations and other stakeholders from eight Eastern and North-eastern States of India.

Parliamentarians urged to keep the climate, change the system

Consultation with Policymakers on Climate Change and the SDGs

11th March 2015, Delhi

In a Consultation organized with Members of Parliament, civil society urged them to have strong and principled positions in the climate change and SDGs negations, two critical global treaties that will be negotiated this year. Six Members of Parliament including Anil Madhav Dave, Abhishek Singh, Chandulal Sahu, Ravindra Kumar Pandey, Anupam Hazra, and Lakhan Lal Sahu participated in the Consultation. India has provided leadership to developing countries in these discussions, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done to represent the interests of poor in the climate and SDGs negotiation. The need for this dialogue arises out of lack of parliamentary oversight on the issues, and the effort is to create a regular channel of dialogue with the Parliamentarians.

Chhattisgarh State Consultation on Nationalizing Sustainable Development Goals

21-22 February 2015, Raipur

More than 200 farmers and elected representatives of the local bodies participated in the Consultation on Nationalizing Sustainable Development Goals. The Consultation also witnessed the participation of Sh Ajay Chandrakar, Minister Rural Development & Panchayati Raj, Parliamentary Affairs, Tourism, Sh Amar Aggrawal, Minister Urban Administration, Sh Chandrashekhar Sahu, former Minister  &  MP, Sh SC Behar, former Chief Secretary, Madhya Pradesh, Dr. Rajlakshmi, Sr. Scientist from MSSRF, Sh Anand Sharma, Convener, Chhattisgarh Krishak Biradari. The Consultation discussed the SDGs proposal of the Open Working Group. While it reflected on the proposal, it found it unambitious and incapable of providing sustainable and inclusive development. The Consultation also reflected on the orientation of development in the country and the state. Lack of decentralized planning and role of people in the planning, unabated degradation and exploitation of the natural resources, inadequate support to farmers and agriculture, lack of dignity in agriculture, feminization of agriculture etc. were voiced as the main concerns. The main outcome of the Consultation was to undertake climate change resilient planning in 100 villages/blocks by the participants and organizers with the support of the elected representatives of the local bodies (Municipal Bodies and Gram Panchayats) and state government. 

Workshop on Climate Change and Agriculture

10-11 February 2015, Indore

A two-day workshop titled “Climate Change and Agriculture” was organized by CECODECON & PAIRVI in association with Madhyanchal Forum on 10th & 11th February 2015 in Indore. The workshop was attended by a range of stakeholders like farmers, agriculture experts, farmer leaders, water policy experts, NGOs as well as other civil society members from various districts in MP. Agriculture experts provided some mitigation strategies for farmers to cope with climate change. They discussed not only the impacts of climate change but also the impacts of changed agricultural practices on farmers. Farmers raised their concerns on how the soil quality has worsened over the years, and has become hard due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers. The problems of new pests and diseases the farmers are currently facing were discussed by the experts. 

Farmers Training Workshop, Uttar Pradesh

7-8 November 2014

A two-day training workshop was organized for small and marginal farmers in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh around the theme ‘Climate Change and Agriculture’. The workshop was organized to share information on changing climate pattern and future climate scenario of Eastern UP, to train farmers to access local/regional weather info to plan their agricultural practices accordingly and to build resilience of farmers in changing climate by sharing innovative farming practices. The experts familiarized the farmers with the causes of climate change, its process, and impact around the world and linked the topic to agriculture. Dr. Sheo Shankar Verma from Gorakhpur University, said that climate change has also increased incidences of damage to crops, soil erosion, pest infestation etc. Even the quality of crop produced has been impacted as movement from field to storage and transportation to the market is dependent on the prevailing weather. It is therefore very important for farmers to know daily, seasonal, and annual variations that play a vital role in crop response and survival.  During agriculture adaptation session farmers were trained on Soil Management and Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

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