Interventions: Climate Change and Sustainable Development...

National Workshop 'Climate Change in Media'

31st October – 1st November 2011
The workshop engaged 30 media persons on discussion on critical aspects of sustainable development and climate crisis with the objective of bringing relevant perspective in environmental and climate change reporting. The two day workshop involved reputed media persons and experts in the discussion with young media professionals. The experts addressed many important aspects of climate change global and national context, impacts and responses (Ajay Jha, PAIRVI), energy (Soumya Dutta, Bharat Jan Vigyan Jathha), water (Himanshu Thakkar, SANDRP), Agriculture (Sudhirendar Sharma, Ecological Foundation), Organic agriculture (Atul Sharma), Env. and climate change policies (Gopal Krishna) media and climate change (Sandeep Joshi, CSE) etc.

Consultation on State Action Plan of Madhya Pradesh

7th September 2011
A state Consultation was organized along with Department of Science and Technology to discuss State Action Plan. The presence of the Chief Minister, Minister of forests, water, and industries signified keen interest of the state government in climate change response. The State government has taken the recommendations in the positive stead and has assured to review the draft in the light of the recommendations made.

Bihar State Consultation on Climate Action Plan

25-26 August 2011
The discussion was about how to situate the State Action Plan which has been in the process for 3 years and recommend changes for a detailed plan including comments for the 8 mission specific plans. The draft needs to be submitted before November.

Uttarakhand Climate Camp

1-2 August 2011

A 2 day workshop on Climate Change was organized in SIDH Campus, Mussorie district, Uttarakhand; by the Beyond Copenhagen Collective (BCPH). The intent of this workshop was to 2 fold- engagement and interaction of the participants on the critical aspects of climate change and to encourage the partakers in taking propriety and ownership in the process of creating awareness on key climate change issues within their respective localized environment/context. Discussion were centered on the following points - India’s position and current state of play of international climate negotiations, agriculture and food security and preparedness viz a viz impacts of climate change. Developments in other pertinent sectors – such as energy, water, livelihood and the women’s stake in climate justice were also key points of discussion during the camp.

Consultative Workshop on Manipur State Action Plan on Climate Change

24-25 July 2011

A two day Manipur State level consultative workshop on Manipur State Action Plan on Climate Change was organized from 24-25 July 2011 at Hotel Nirmala, Imphal, jointly organized by the Centre for Social Development and the North East Dialogue Forum.

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