Interventions: Climate Change and Sustainable Development:

State Consultation on Sustainable Development Goals and Dalits

30th May 2015, Patna
A Consultation on Sustainable Development Goals and Dalits was organized in Patna on 30th May 2015. The consultation witnessed presence of more than 50 participants across the state which includes different stakeholders like Dalit activists, leaders, academicians and civil society organizations. They were briefed about the global debate of sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainable development was discussed in the context of Dalits and their issues. Concerns were expressed on the lack of Dalits issues and devoid of Dalits Human Rights in the whole Sustainable Development Goals.
Education, health, women’s concerns, environment, poverty, land resources and indigenous people’s rights were emerged as priority areas in the consultation and participants discussed their concerns and gaps in detail. The consultation also came up with the region specific recommendations. It was also decided to form a Regional Network for the Eastern and North Eastern Region to take the SDGs forward.