Interventions: Climate Change and Sustainable Development:

Press Conference on Global Warming and Climate Change; A Way Out

28th October 2015, New Delhi
A Press Conference was organized by Mr. Anil Dave, BJP MP and Chair of the organizing Committee of National Consultation on “Global Warming and Climate change; A way Out,” to introduce the event. He said that we are doubtful that climate change negotiations will lead to a meaningful solution, therefore government of Madhya Pradesh has taken a lead in organizing national consultation as a part of Vaicharik Mahakumbh at Ujjain. He added that National Consultation is a part of series of knowledge summits being organized to promote the social, intellectual and environmental values of Singhastha Kumbh to be held in Ujjain. The National consultation will also lead to an International Consultation around Singhastha Kumbh in 2016. He said that we are hopeful that Indian thoughts, philosophy, practices and traditions will go a long way in suggesting the solutions.