Interventions: Climate Change and Sustainable Development:
Capacity Building...

Civil Society Interactive Workshop on Climate Change; Areas of Policy and Action

On July 29th 2009, the Indian Habitat Centre in New Delhi was the venue of climate change interactive workshop where civil society representatives presented their opinions and discuss climate change priority areas. More than 50 organizations from Delhi and other states included WWF India, RIS, Oxfam India, CENTAD, Delhi Science Forum, SADED accepted invitation and took part at this workshop organized by common effort of Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition Asia, Institute of Development Studies Jaipur, Gene Campaign, CECOEDECON, and PAIRVI.
Eminent guests from various fields linked with workshop’s topic attended this meeting and debated on the climate change issue, discussed the sectors affected by climate changes and tried to flag the role of civil society.
Main purpose of the meeting was to discuss with like-minded people the possible impending dangers of climate change regarding to India and, consequently, by using brainstorming, to suggest a few actions to stymie the negative impacts of climate change; to flag any issues where Civil Society can act; and to disseminate information among people to enhance their awareness which is the key and starting point to deal with climate change issue.
The meeting was officially opened by Mr. Ajay K Jha, Pairvi, who greeted all speakers and quests and briefly outlined the backdrop as to why actually this event came into being.
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