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Expectations from Warsaw COP 19; Pre-COP Consultation

5th November 2013, New Delhi

The Pre COP Consultation on “Expectations and Possibilities from COP 19” was organized by a collective of civil society organizations led by Beyond Copenhagen in collaboration with Oxfam India. The objective of the Consultation was to inform the civil society and missions in India, on what do we want the COP to deliver, and discuss current state of play. On the occasion, Ms. Beata Jaczweska, Deputy Environment Minister of Poland, assured that efforts would be directed in the upcoming COP on inclusiveness, transparency, and fairness. She emphasized that Warsaw COP will have focus on adaptation and capitalization of the adaptation fund for the transition. A political decision on Loss and Damage was to be arrived at Warsaw. The event also witnessed representatives from various Embassies like US, China, Australia, Norway, and Mexico who put forward the expectations of their countries from the upcoming climate change negotiation. Representatives from prominent environment based organizations like TERI, CSE, and CANSA reiterated that the gigaton gap needs to be closed with enhanced targets and the carbon budget to be allocated in a manner, which is fair and provides space to the developing countries to grow.

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UNFCCC, COP 19 (Nov, 2013): The Team of Beyond Copenhagen (BCPH) was Involved in the Following Activities at COP-19 at Warsaw, Poland:


  • Side event on Climate change in the post 2015 development agenda: Implications for Agriculture and Livelihoods

On Nov.13th, BCPH organized an equally well-attended side event on the issue of – “Climate change in the post 2015 development agenda: Implications for Agriculture and Livelihoods”. The side event discussed how climate change has not been addressed adequately in post 2015 development agenda, and why it is extremely crucial to have a global agreement before 2015. A Beyond Copenhagen Publication “Engaging with Climate Crisis; Perspectives on Critical Aspects of Climate Change” was also released at the side event. (Pls find a brief report of the side event attached).

  • Meeting with the Minister Beata Jaczeuska

The collective organized a meeting with deputy Env minister of Poland during the COP. The Minister informed the delegation, that during the first week, the negotiations have progressed as expected except lack of progress on certain issues. She emphasized that since most of the decisions are political in nature, they can be resolved only at high level meetings in the second week. She also underlined that Poland and COP 19 President is putting all efforts possible to see a meaningful outcome from the COP. She informed, the participants on bilateral efforts made by the hosts, and COP President and Deputy Ministers including her having whirlwind tours around the world to discuss important issues. She highlighted that for the hosts, transparency, inclusiveness and fairness of the process are important and all efforts are being made to ensure these. She also underlined that hosts are collaborating with Peruvian and French Government in a Troika Spirit to ensure that a collective effort is made to have a new agreement before Paris.

  • A Brief Report on the Outcomes of UNFCCC COP-19, just concluded in Warsaw, Poland.

A COP with low expectations: The world seems to have learnt a bitter lessonfrom the experiences of Copenhagen COP-15 in 2009 (and the subsequent ones inCancun-Mexico, Durban-South Africa and Doha-Qatar), where high expectations from the government negotiators and the country-party negotiating process, lead to frustrations amongst all those expecting a positive & progressive deal. This particular COP in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, was not expected to deliver much. This was also for a few reasons. The COP-21 scheduled in Paris in 2015 is supposed to finalize the new, all-nations-included climate treaty, and 2014 COP-20 in Lima, Peru will – in all likelihood – workout the framework for that. The other reason was Poland’s known regressive political posturing about a possible shift to clean energy, the right-wing upsurge in these parts of Europe etc.

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