Interventions: ENERGY JUSTICE

Consultative Meeting on Draft National Energy Policy 2017

12th July 2017, New Delhi
PAIRVI and BCPH called upon different organizations and networks working on energy policy, energy finance and other energy related issues to participate in a regional consultative meeting held on 12th July, 2017 at IIC, Delhi. The NITI Aayog had put the draft National Energy Policy 2017 on public domain and invited comments. The meeting was organized with an objective to discuss the various points in the draft NEP and evolve a collective response on the key issues of the policy. The meeting decided that looking at the critical importance of energy policy and its possible impacts on society, a collective effort will be made to take this to a larger society by organizing public consultations in different regions. was also decided to form small working groups with different tasks, which will work in collaboration of the interested organizations.

Energy Justice

It works to enhance understanding on energy, renewable and energy alternatives and energy justice. It advocates just energy transition which promotes equity, democracy and peoples controls over energy systems. PAIRVI believes that drastic reduction in energy use in industrialized countries is a pre requisite for climate stabilization, sustainable development and just energy transition. PAIRVI works with peoples groups and the government to reduce fossil fuel dependence and promote decentralized, locally viable and community controlled energy alternativesas well as promoting equitable renewable energy policies.