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Human Rights: Issues, Status and Challenges

10th August 2015, Seoni, Madhya Pradesh

In a Consultation organized by PAIRVI in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh, representatives from around 30 organizations have participated to promote and protect the human rights situation in the region. The discussion included different areas of human rights including education, health, women and child development, climate change and agriculture. 

National Consultation on Indo-Nepal Human Trafficking Post Earth Quake Perspective: Concerns and Challenge

3rd – 4th August 2015, New Delhi
PAIRVI along with it partners in India and Nepal organized a two-day National Consultation to look into the challenges and concerns of human trafficking between India and Nepal particularly in post earthquake perspective. Ms. Swati Maliwal, Chairperson, Delhi Commission for Women was the chief guest of the event. The Consultation witnessed around 100 participants across board including civil society organizations, government officials, media persons, activists, from India and Nepal. Speakers and participants actively expressed their view on gaps in legal and institutional framework in dealing with human trafficking and challenges and response in rescue and rehabilitation to deal with person in trafficking.

Workshop on Land rights of Mahadalits

PAIRVI along with the help of local grassroots organizations started a campaign to ensure at least three decimals of land to most marginalized section of the Jamui district of Bihar by linking with the State Government scheme that not only would provide them housing land but would prestige to them too.
A total of 15 landless mahadalits of Achahari village under Adsar panchayat of Jamui block were given land rights so far. They have been given possession of 3 decimals of land to construct the house under Indira Awas Yojna on 2nd October, 2013 at the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Entitlements of land to these landless people showcase the powerful impact of the programme undertaken. Villagers are now aware with the scheme and their right to have the land and how it can be attained. It has turned the campaign into a revolutionary phase.

Fact Finding on the Custodial Torture, Death and Unprovoked Police Firing in Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh

PAIRVI received phone calls from residents of PO Wadhani, distt. Singrauli asking for fact finding in the alleged atrocities committed by police and custodial torture resulting in death of a young man named Akhilesh Kumar Shah (age-27 years), custodial torture and illegal confinement of Mr. Sanjay Kumar Shah (age-24 years), and death of Mr. Naqeeb Ahmad Siddiqi (age-22 years) in unprovoked police firing. It was also demanded that Superintendent of Police, Mr. Jeydevan A and Station House Officer Mr. R S Rajput, who conducted torture should be charged with murder of Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Shah and custodial torture of Mr. Sanjay Kumar Shah. Media reports also suggested police atrocity and torture resulting in deaths of said victims. An independent civil society fact finding committee was constituted by many civil society organizations concerned over the events that took place at Singrauli. The Committee was headed by Justice (Retd.) P C Jain and composed of Soumya Dutta, National Convenor, Bharat Jan Vigyan Jathha, Sanjeev Kumar, Delhi Forum, Ajita George, Johar, Jharkhand, and Ajay Jha, PAIRVI, Delhi.

Assessment of Malnutrition Treatment Centres in Jharkhand and State Consultation

31st October 2013
Eight MTCS were visited in five districts of Ranchi to collect information against the indicators in the framework. These MTCs were located at Doranda (Ranchi), Mandar (Ranchi), Khunti (Sadar), Gola (Ramgarh),Gumla (Sadar), Reidh (Gumla), Bhandra (Lohardaga) ,Kuru (Lohardaga). The assessment was done in collaboration with CINI, world vision, right to food campaign, Ekjut, BPNI, PHRN, SCPCR and Vikas Bharati. The MTCs were assessed on the bases, which included location and infrastructure, human resources and training, and process and protocols. The recommendations include increasing accessibility and coverage, institution based facility should be supplemented with community based preventive management, addressing the institutional differences between ICDS and NRHM guidelines, improving compliance rate of follow up visits, increasing financial support for accompaniment etc. The State Consultation was organized on 31st October in collaboration with Viaks Bharti and CHILDLINE Nodal Ranchi (XISS). The State Consultation was attended by Chairperson, SCPCR, Director, MTCs, government of Jharkhand, former President India Medical Association, MOs of MTCs, Save the Children, world vision, representatives of relevant departments from Government of Jharkhand besides CSOs, academics, and media. The recommendations included policy demands, increased financial allocations, operational issues, facilities.

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