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State Consultation on New Industrial Policy in Chhattisgarh

22nd November 2009

The State Consultation was organized on 22nd November 2009 at Raipur to review the Industrial Policy announced by the state government. The Industrial policy is highly weighed in the favour of big industries and has very little to offer for small and medium scale enterprises or for people in the state.

State Consultation on Girl Child Rights in Madhya Pradesh

13th November 2009
A state level Consultation was organized in Madhya Pradesh based on the assessment study with collaboration with MPSHRC on Child Marriage that was conducted in three Districts namely Gwalior, Bhind and Morena. A final report was released in the National Consultation and commitments from MPSHRC related to policy redesign and action strategies were taken to lower the magnitude and extent of child marriages in Madhya Pradesh.

Public Hearing on State Information Commission and RTI Act, 2005

7th November 2009
A public hearing on the State information Commission was organized 7th November 2009 in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The jury consisted of Mr. S.K. Tiwari, Retd. Justice, Kolkata High Court, Mr. Sushil Trivedi, Retd. Member, State Election Commission, Chhattisgarh, Mr. Hanumant Yadav, Professor, Hidayatulla National Law University & Ex. Member, State Planning Commission. And Mr. M. K. Sharma, Ex. Nodal Officer, Right to Information, Chhattisgarh Academy of Administration. 

Regional Consultation on Dalit Women and NREGA in Rajasthan

24th September 2009
A regional consultation was organized in Chittorgarh District on 24th September 2009 on Dalit Women’s Participation in NREGA scheme. The main objective of the consultation was to monitor the effective working of NREGS in the region and to highlight the issues related to the discrimination that is being done towards Dalit women under this scheme. 

Regional Workshop on Land Rights and Dalits

7-8 September 2009
Pairvi believes that land is a major component in ensuring food security of the underprivileged population in rural India. In view of the lack of progress in land reforms in Bihar, a state workshop was organized on 7th and 8th September 2009 in which more than 30 dalit activists from 25 districts in Bihar participated and discussed the situation of land rights of dalits in their district. The current situation of land rights among dalits was also discussed. 

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