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People’s Forum on BRICS

13th – 14th October 2016, Goa
Just two days before the BRICS meeting (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) hosted by India in Goa, a two-day long People’s Forum on BRICS was organized at the Xavier’s Centre for Historical Research, Alto Porvorim, Goa by various people’s movement and NGOs working on various issues across the BRICS countries. The People’s Forum rejected the main stream development agenda of BRICS countries governments and set a positive agenda for the people.

Refugees Crisis and Amendment in the Citizenship Law

7th October 2016, Lucknow
A Consultation was organized on refugee crisis and amendment in Citizenship law in India at IIC, Delhi to discuss content and intent of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016. Academicians, journalists, social works, and refugees living in Delhi participated in the meeting and shared their concerns about the Bill and violations of refugee rights in India. Activist and social workers were informed about the content and intent of the Bill and emerging refugee crisis in India and across the world.

Removing the Barriers: Ensuring Justice

27th & 28th June, Lucknow
To carry PAIRVI’s mission to the larger community by bridging the gap between human rights and development and making the development an inclusive and sustainable it has organized the Human Rights’ Training Workshop in Lucknow. The Workshop was organized with an objective to build the clear understanding of the participants over the theoretical, operational and practical dimension of justice so that people’s access to justice can be simplified. 

State Consultation on Plugging the Development Deficits of Dalits in Bihar

15th March 2016, Bihar
On the occasion of birth anniversary of Dalit leader Mr. Kashiram, a famous social reformer and political thinker, a Consultation was organized at A N Sinha Social Research Institute at Patna. People from social, educational and political sectors participated in the Consultation. The consultation witnessed presence of more than 100 participants across the state including dalit activists, social activists, member of civil society organization policy makers, academicians, and media persons.  The consultation started with floral tribute to Shri Kanshi Ram Ji.

Fact Finding on Chaiti Devi’s Hunger Death

25th January 2016, Bihar

Chaiti Devi (F, 35) was reported to have died from hunger in the village Samaspura, Purkholi Panchayat, Distt Vasishali on 19th January. The district administration and the state government denied hunger death and labeled it as a death resulting from cold conditions in the state. A fact finding team composed of NGOs, lawyer, human rights workers and political representatives visited the village on 25th January. The fact finding revealed that indeed the death was caused by persistent hunger.

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