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Public Meeting of Manjha Artisans in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

23rd July 2010
Manjha artisans and traders had assembled in Bakarganj Karbala Maidan in Bareilly to jointly decide on a charter of demands on issues concerning the threats to their only source of livelihood- production and sale of indigenously made manjha. This was the last in a series of other meetings which were held with Manjha Workers in Moradabad and Rampur in the month of July. Around 30,000 families in Bareilly are engaged in the Manjha making trade for generations. These are mainly Muslim families who have no other recourse or option of livelihood – since Manjha making is the only skill they know. Pairvi along with Lokadhikar has initiated a process of collective formation for these artisans who have remained unorganized till now. 

State Consultation on Manjha Workers

6th June 2010

A state level consultaion on the issues related to manjha workers was held at Bareily, Uttar Pradesh.

In India kites are flying in all months of a year, so the demand for the kite and its thread always maintains its requirement, and in that sense it will create a good business for  Bareilly manja workers because it’s a well established fact among the seller buyer and manufacturer’s that the sharp thorn manja of Bareilly considered the best in all over India, but the revealing fact tells some different stories about these suffered manja workers of Bareilly who faces the tough competition from the Synthetic nylon -metallic manja which got the clearance from the government to import in Indian manja market and condition got even worst because more than 50 percent manja market flooded by these Synthetic or Metallic manja  , consequently the home made bareilly manja  loosed their popularity in the market, which is directly attacking to their century old profession because of the price margin. Even sellers augmenting that “Synthetic or Metallic manja’s are in high demand because of the thread strength, cheaper price in comparison to home made bareilly manja, so ultimately only these manja workers have to face such types of storm, and now the condition is some artisan have changed their profession and some artisans are migrating from one state to another states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, New Delhi  to seek an opportunity where the kite flying festival is going to be happened just because of to earn livelihood i.e. merely on  Rs90-Rs130 for the whole family.

A Training of Trainers Workshop Civic Driven Change 2010

25-27 May 2010
A training of trainers‟ (ToT) workshop on Civic Driven Change was organised from 25th to 27th May 2010 at SWARAJ, Jaipur with the objective of sharing the experiences on CDC, its Indian perspective, updates, issues and follow-up. Around 25 participants from 14 states participated in the workshop with their rich experiences and firm background.
The purposes of the Training of Trainers workshop on CDC were such that the participants at the end of the workshop will be able to reach: A clear understanding about Civic Driven Change and the different insights and viewpoints that emerged from the ongoing (global) debates; A clear understanding on the link between Indian discourses and practices on change and Civic Driven Change; Clarity on the relevance of Civic Driven Change in the Indian context; An understanding about the implications at policy and operational levels in adopting CDC in work of the respective organisations and; A concrete plan of action to be carried out by the Core Group collectively and by the members in their respective organizations.

State Consultation on New Industrial Policy in Chhattisgarh

22nd November 2009

The State Consultation was organized on 22nd November 2009 at Raipur to review the Industrial Policy announced by the state government. The Industrial policy is highly weighed in the favour of big industries and has very little to offer for small and medium scale enterprises or for people in the state.

State Consultation on Girl Child Rights in Madhya Pradesh

13th November 2009
A state level Consultation was organized in Madhya Pradesh based on the assessment study with collaboration with MPSHRC on Child Marriage that was conducted in three Districts namely Gwalior, Bhind and Morena. A final report was released in the National Consultation and commitments from MPSHRC related to policy redesign and action strategies were taken to lower the magnitude and extent of child marriages in Madhya Pradesh.

Public Hearing on State Information Commission and RTI Act, 2005

7th November 2009
A public hearing on the State information Commission was organized 7th November 2009 in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The jury consisted of Mr. S.K. Tiwari, Retd. Justice, Kolkata High Court, Mr. Sushil Trivedi, Retd. Member, State Election Commission, Chhattisgarh, Mr. Hanumant Yadav, Professor, Hidayatulla National Law University & Ex. Member, State Planning Commission. And Mr. M. K. Sharma, Ex. Nodal Officer, Right to Information, Chhattisgarh Academy of Administration. 

Regional Consultation on Dalit Women and NREGA in Rajasthan

24th September 2009
A regional consultation was organized in Chittorgarh District on 24th September 2009 on Dalit Women’s Participation in NREGA scheme. The main objective of the consultation was to monitor the effective working of NREGS in the region and to highlight the issues related to the discrimination that is being done towards Dalit women under this scheme. 

Regional Workshop on Land Rights and Dalits

7-8 September 2009
Pairvi believes that land is a major component in ensuring food security of the underprivileged population in rural India. In view of the lack of progress in land reforms in Bihar, a state workshop was organized on 7th and 8th September 2009 in which more than 30 dalit activists from 25 districts in Bihar participated and discussed the situation of land rights of dalits in their district. The current situation of land rights among dalits was also discussed. 

National Consultation on State of Hunger and Hunger Deaths

3-4 August 2009

A National Consultation on the status of hunger and hunger deaths in the poorest of poor states was held at ISI, New Delhi on 3rd and 4th August 2009. Participants from the 6 states namely Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh participated in the consultation.

National Consultation on Review of Durban Declaration and Programme of Action

13th April 2009
Pairvi organized a National Consultation on 13th April 2009 at New Delhi. The objective of the Consultation was to review the progress at the national level for the Durban Review Conference. The National Consultation brought together 30 dalit and tribal rights activists from different states who shared the status of dalit rights and tribal communities in their respective state. 

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Human Rights

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