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Fact Finding on Chaiti Devi’s Hunger Death

25th January 2016, Bihar

Chaiti Devi (F, 35) was reported to have died from hunger in the village Samaspura, Purkholi Panchayat, Distt Vasishali on 19th January. The district administration and the state government denied hunger death and labeled it as a death resulting from cold. A fact finding team composed of NGOs, lawyer, human rights workers and political representatives visited the village on 25th January. The fact finding revealed that indeed the death was caused by persistent hunger. The deceased was staying with her parents and her brothers in the same village for the last five years. However, she was not a registered as a voter or beneficiary of the PDS, indicating a clear lapse on the part of local administration. The district administered made all efforts to prove that she was an outsider and was only visiting her brother’s place when she died. However, the fact finding revealed a number of facts, which raised many questions on the insensitivity of the administration and also community, which resulted in her Chaiti’s death. Chaiti was survived by her two sons. The facts and report were shared with the local media and administration for quick and prompt action.
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