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State Workshop on Right to Food at Jharkhand

A one day workshop on Right to Food was organized on 21st July by Pairvi and CARE Jharkhand, where more than 50 NGOs and activists from all over the state participated. The workshop was organized with the objective of discussing status of right to food in the state, bringing important issues in light, and ways and means through which NGOs can help in monitoring the situation on right to food in the state. Hunger deaths in the state and poor condition of TPDS were a major issue in the workshop.
Mr. Balram (advisor to the Supreme Court Commissioner on right to food) shared poor condition of the right to food in the state. Mr. Gurjit Singh (BGVS) said that due to pressure created by the civil society, the state has introduced Mid Day Meal in all primary schools in the state, but it does not supplement budget provided to by central government. which leads to poor quality of MDM being provided all over the state. Prof. Ramesh Sharan (Ranchi Univ. and ex advisor to Supreme Court commissioner) said that there is a gap of at least 5 lakhs in the BPL estimates of Jharkhand government and planning commission. He said that the role of PDS becomes all the more relevant in view of global food crisis and poverty in the state, and we should resist all attempts to stop PDS by labeling it as corrupt scheme as it would completely erode the food security of the underprivileged. Mr. Sujit Ranjan and Mr. Sanjay (CARE) brought to light the problems in the universalization of the ICDS and how government has failed in this task. Mr. Iqbal from PRIA, shared the various irregularities in the NREGA that PRIA has brought to light.