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Regional Workshop on Land Rights and Dalits

7-8 September 2009
Pairvi believes that land is a major component in ensuring food security of the underprivileged population in rural India. In view of the lack of progress in land reforms in Bihar, a state workshop was organized on 7th and 8th September 2009 in which more than 30 dalit activists from 25 districts in Bihar participated and discussed the situation of land rights of dalits in their district. The current situation of land rights among dalits was also discussed.
The ownership of land in dalit hands is minimal in state yet after major efforts to bring in proper land distribution among landless community. The dalit community possess only 2-3 percent of land and a large number of dalits do not have their own land for shelter.
Recently Pairvi has supported few partners in Bihar to undertake a local survey in their respective areas in order to take note of the land holdings of extremely vulnerable dalits in the state. 

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