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A Training of Trainers Workshop Civic Driven Change 2010

25-27 May 2010
Civic Driven Change (CDC) sees citizens and community as the central point of change and drivers of change as opposed to conventional linear approaches to development which give primacy to state and market as well as NGOs. Over the last few years, CECOEDECON and Context, international cooperation have strived to promote a dialogue on the challenges and innovation in the field of development in order to improve development practice. As part of this, CECOEDECON and Context, international cooperation organised a Dialogue on Civic Driven Change (CDC) amongst a group on social activists, NGO staff, professionals and academics in Rajasthan in June 2008. CECOEDECON‟s intension was to create a space and forum on CDC in the Indian context. A second Dialogue on CDC was organised in February 2009. By this time, a group of persons who attended these events emerged as a Core Group with the interest of pursuing the work on CDC. The Core Group - consisting of some participants from the two CDC Dialogues, CECOEDECON staff/Board and representatives from Context – was entrusted with the task of following up the recommendations of the Dialogue meetings.
India has a very rich and vivid experience of change processes and events. Be it Narmada Bachao Andolan, Chipko Andolan, Samagra Kranti led by Jai Prakash Narain, or movements of Dalit assertion. A lot of efforts have been undertaken in India and other South Asian countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. which emphasize the centrality and primacy of community and citizens not only in development but also change.
There have been interesting and exciting developments in the intellectual and academic debates on CDC and it is very important to connect to these debates. The national discourse should be informed by the developments in theory and practice at the global level and vice versa. Context International had been documenting Action Learning Case Studies on CDC in order to share them among the practitioners and in the ongoing international debates.
A training of trainers‟ (ToT) workshop on Civic Driven Change was organised from 25th to 27th May 2010 at SWARAJ, Jaipur with the objective of sharing the experiences on CDC, its Indian perspective, updates, issues and follow-up. Around 25 participants from 14 states participated in the workshop with their rich experiences and firm background.
The purposes of the Training of Trainers workshop on CDC were such that the participants at the end of the workshop will be able to reach:
  • A clear understanding about Civic Driven Change and the different insights and viewpoints that emerged from the ongoing (global) debates;
  • A clear understanding on the link between Indian discourses and practices on change and Civic Driven Change;
  • Clarity on the relevance of Civic Driven Change in the Indian context;
  • An understanding about the implications at policy and operational levels in adopting CDC in work of the respective organisations and
  • A concrete plan of action to be carried out by the Core Group collectively and by the members in their respective organizations.

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