Interventions: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security:

Priorities and Possibilities of Investment for Accelerated and Stabilizing Agriculture in Bihar

17th March 2012
The Consultation was organized as a collective effort of a number of organizations including CECOEDECON, BCPH, Pairvi in joint collaboration with ICCO Cooperation, National Centre for Agricultural and Policy research, and ICAR RCER. Support to the consultation was also extended by IFPRI, India.
The objective of the consultation was to analyze the trends of agricultural investment in the state and provide direction which can enhance and stabilize agriculture growth in the state. The GOB claims to have increased the investment in agriculture from 20 crores (2005-06) to 800 crores in agriculture and allied sector (2010-2011). The government initiated a Road map for agriculture in 2008-2012 and is in the process of developing a much ambitious road map for agriculture with an investment of 2000 crore per annum in agriculture and allied sector. The Consultation aimed at discussing various aspects of agriculture viz. inputs, marketing, research and extension, horticulture, livestock etc. and coming up with ideas to identify priorities for public and private investment. More than 100 experts, agricultural scientists and agricultural economists, policymakers and bureaucrats, farmers and civil society organizations participated in the discussion and provided their ideas, opinions and feedback.
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