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Regional Workshop on Drought and Food Security in Santhal Pargana

11th September 2009
A regional workshop was organized at Dumka, Jharkhand with regional partners and State Legal Aid Services Authority in which organizations, administrative officials, activist, and academicians belonging to Santhal Pargana region actively participated. It was discussed that though Santhal Pargana has always remained prone to drought and witnessed severe famines in the past, current spell of drought has increased the vulnerability of farmers and people.
Attributed mainly to climate change, the workshop emphasized that farming communities are encouraged to grow high water stress crops or cash crops, which makes agriculture in the state highly dependent on monsoons. The earlier practice of growing coarse grains has ensured that food security was not threatened even in case of acute shortage of precipitation. The workshop also discussed the inadequacy of government measures. Many adaptation techniques prevalent in the area were also discussed, listed and shared among the participants. The workshop concluded that it would be highly relevant to compile traditional knowledge of people in the region on adaptation mechanism, which would be highly beneficial for the farmers in the state.