Consultation on Climate Crisis and Implementing SDGs in South Asia

15th Aug, Kathmandu
PAIRVI along with SADED Nepal, SADED India, Nepal youth forum & other groups organized a round table consultation on "Climate crisis and Implementing SDGs in South-Asia." The daylong meeting was held in Padmakanya College, Kathmandu. About 40 people from a wide section of Nepalese society, including senior government functionaries, ex planning commission people, academics, CSOs, teachers, political party activists student unions etc.
As post EQ reconstruction is an important Sustainability issue for Nepal, the senior most administrative officer in charge of the Nepal Reconstruction Commission was invited, and he presented government actions & programs and also answered several questions including on the failure of timely actions. 
After detailed presentations by Soumya Dutta, Ajay Dixit (former planning commission) and Daya Sagar (Secretary of NGO Federation of Nepal), and political connectivity by Vijay Pratap, there was a 2 1/2 hours long lively discussion, where almost the entire group of participants joined in. The discussion was held in the perspective of the critical need of understanding the SDGs and ft other global compacts, in light of the particular geo-cultural-political specialties.
Towards the end of the discussions, Vijay Pratap & Ajay Dixit guided the house in to adopting clear tasks - including mapping of human& civil resources, preparing a background note on how the SDGs should be viewed by Nepal in particular and south Asia in general, organizing follow-up and concrete work planning meeting within 2 months , and several such important steps.


sustainable development

PAIRVI promotes rights based approach to development and believes that current economic models have failed to address poverty, inequality, marginalization and are based on overexploitation of natural resources. It engages with Sustainable Development Goals and other policies aimed at sustainable development. It promotes decentralized policy making and demands accountable governance. It seeks to enhance peoples understanding on sustainable development so that they can be partners in development and analyze policies, programmes and actions. It also engages with UN agencies working on sustainable development and environment including United Nations General Assembly, High Level Political Forum on SDGs, United Nations Environment, and UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. PAIRVI is an active member of the Asia Pacific Regional CSOs Engagement Mechanism on Agenda 2030.