Interventions: CLIMATE CRISIS

Participation in 3rd United Nations Environment Assembly

UNEA 3 was organized by UNEP during 4th to 6th December at Nairobi, the HQ of the United Nations Environment. It was preceded by a series of meetings including innovations expo (4th to 6th Dec) Science business policy forum (2nd and 3rd Dec) , Open ended committee of the permanent representatives (29th Nov. to 1st Dec) and global major groups and stakeholders forum (27th and 28th Nov).

South India Consultation on Climate, food and sustainable development; of false solutions and for meaningful actions

30th and 31st July, Bengaluru

The Consultation was organized in collaboration with the Environment Support Group (ESG) Bengaluru and ETC group. The consultation discussed global, national and sub national priorities and challenges in climate, food and agriculture and sustainability initiatives and understood that climate change and sustainable development are being used as tools to promote corporate interests and false slutions; which is making the situation worse for the people on the frontline of impacts, and how meaningful actions can be organized to resist false solutions and promote sustainability, equity and justice. More than 40 participants including CSOs, youth, CBOs, gender groups and academics participated in the Consultation.

Asia Pacific Peoples Summit

25th to 27th March, Bangkok

Peoples summit was organized immediately before 5th Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. More than 200 organizations from Asia and the Pacific participated. The theme of the Poeples Forum was “Defending the environment; redefining resilience.”  Ajay K Jha from PAIRVI participated in the Poeples Forum on the invitation of the ESCAP. He led the drafting team for the final outcome statement from the Peoples Forum and spoke on the impact of Free Trade Agreements and RCEP on people and vulnerable communities on panel organized by IBON International.

Consultative Meeting on Climate Change Negotiations and Policies

4th Dec 2016, Kolkata 
On the 4th of December 2016, a day-long conference was organized in Sewa Kendra, Kolkata, in active collaboration with Science Communicators' Forum. Around 30 people turned up and the three sessions were peppered with lots of questions and observations, after important and informative presentations on the climate politics, science and impacts visible in various zones of West Bengal (by researchers from the state).  Participants observed that this was the first such comprehensive climate issues discussion in West Bengal, and demanded further action on this awareness and education initiative.  

National Consultation on Global Warming and Climate Change: A Way Out

21st & 22nd November 2015, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

A National Consultation was organized in Bhopal with Madhya Pradesh Government’s collaboration to come up with a solution for climate crisis. The Consultation has witnessed the presence of Shri. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, CM, Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affair, Shri Shri Acharya Ravishankar along with huge number of thinkers, experts, Universities and Research Institutions, practitioners, NGOs and youth. 

Press Conference on Global Warming and Climate Change; A Way Out

28th October 2015, New Delhi
A Press Conference was organized by Mr. Anil Dave, BJP MP and Chair of the organizing Committee of National Consultation on “Global Warming and Climate change; A way Out,” to introduce the event. He said that we are doubtful that climate change negotiations will lead to a meaningful solution, therefore government of Madhya Pradesh has taken a lead in organizing national consultation as a part of Vaicharik Mahakumbh at Ujjain.

HLPF Side Event on Integrating Three Levels of Accountability for a Robust and Effective Review Mechanism

1st July 2015, New York
The side event discussed how the review mechanism could create a synergy among three levels of accountability. It also discussed how the states could be incentivized to encourage their meaningful participation and how HLPF could use their hybrid structure to attract highest political attention for the SDGs.

Parliamentarians urged to keep the climate, change the system

Consultation with Policymakers on Climate Change and the SDGs

11th March 2015, Delhi

In a Consultation organized with Members of Parliament, civil society urged them to have strong and principled positions in the climate change and SDGs negations, two critical global treaties that will be negotiated this year. Six Members of Parliament including Anil Madhav Dave, Abhishek Singh, Chandulal Sahu, Ravindra Kumar Pandey, Anupam Hazra, and Lakhan Lal Sahu participated in the Consultation. India has provided leadership to developing countries in these discussions, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done to represent the interests of poor in the climate and SDGs negotiation. The need for this dialogue arises out of lack of parliamentary oversight on the issues, and the effort is to create a regular channel of dialogue with the Parliamentarians.

Workshop on Climate Change and Agriculture

10-11 February 2015, Indore

A two-day workshop titled “Climate Change and Agriculture” was organized by CECODECON & PAIRVI in association with Madhyanchal Forum on 10th & 11th February 2015 in Indore. The workshop was attended by a range of stakeholders like farmers, agriculture experts, farmer leaders, water policy experts, NGOs as well as other civil society members from various districts in MP. Agriculture experts provided some mitigation strategies for farmers to cope with climate change. They discussed not only the impacts of climate change but also the impacts of changed agricultural practices on farmers. Farmers raised their concerns on how the soil quality has worsened over the years, and has become hard due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers. The problems of new pests and diseases the farmers are currently facing were discussed by the experts. 

National Consultation on Challenges in SAPCCs

7th September 2014, Bhopal

PAIRVI, CECOEDECON, Beyond Copenhagen, EPCO and MPCOST organized another consultation to discuss the challenges in SAPCCs. The Consultation discussed the experience of developing SAPCCs and challenges including the question of financing SAPCCs. Peter Saille (GIZ), Amit Anand (UNDP) and Papiya (TERI University) shared their experiences and observations on SAPCC. Lokendra Thakkar (EPCO, GoMP) shared experience of developing SAPCC of Madhya Pradesh. Ajay Jha spoke on Beyond Copenhagen’s experience with the SAPCCs and financial aspects of the NAPCCs and SAPCCs. Representatives of the DFID, SDC and CDKN also participated in the discussion. 

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Climate Crisis

Climate crisis has the potential to unexpectedly impact lives and development, and southern countries and communities dependent on natural resources are more vulnerable. Its interventions aim to bring urgency and adequacy in the mitigation and adaptation response of the governments and global community. It also works with vulnerable communities in strengthening their adaptive capacity. PAIRVI has engaged extensively with national and sub national policies on climate change as well as with international institutions like United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Conference of Parties (COP).