Interventions: CLIMATE CRISIS

Participation in 3rd United Nations Environment Assembly

UNEA 3 was organized by UNEP during 4th to 6th December at Nairobi, the HQ of the United Nations Environment. It was preceded by a series of meetings including innovations expo (4th to 6th Dec) Science business policy forum (2nd and 3rd Dec) , Open ended committee of the permanent representatives (29th Nov. to 1st Dec) and global major groups and stakeholders forum (27th and 28th Nov).

Ajay k jha from PAIRVI/Beyond Copenhagen was one amongst the 30 CSO representatives invited by the United Nations and represented Asia pacific Regional CSOs Engagement Mechanism (APRCEM). UNEA had supported 7 members of the APRCEM, which was tasked (among others ) to organize the two day CSO Forum called global major Groups and Stakeholders Forum (GMGSF). Ajay also drafted the outcome document of the GMGSF, chaired a session on Air pollution in the GMGSF, and chaired a side event on International governance on highly hazardous pesticide organized by the PAN-AP. Besides. He also curated a number of statements delivered during the UNEA 3 including regional representative, Asia pacific, Indigenous peoples, farmers etc. Please find the Outcome document of the GMGSF is attached.

Climate Crisis

Climate crisis has the potential to unexpectedly impact lives and development, and southern countries and communities dependent on natural resources are more vulnerable. Its interventions aim to bring urgency and adequacy in the mitigation and adaptation response of the governments and global community. It also works with vulnerable communities in strengthening their adaptive capacity. PAIRVI has engaged extensively with national and sub national policies on climate change as well as with international institutions like United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Conference of Parties (COP).