Interventions: CLIMATE CRISIS

Letter to UNEA 5 President

May 2020

Ajay Jha led the drafting team to send a response to the UNEA 5 President, who sought response of the stakeholders on many issues related to environment during the pandemic, theme of the UNEA 5 and outcome message, and how UNEA 5 could play a more meaningful role in future. UNEA 5 is scheduled to take place in March 2021 at Nairobi, Kenya with the theme “Strengthening Actions for Nature for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals” and the presidency is with the Norwegian Environment Minister.

WNTA governance Review Meeting

07 May 2020

PAIRVI participated in the online governance review meeting organized by WNTA. PAIRVI has been requested to contribute a chapter on Environment and Climate Change during the first year of NDA 2.O.

Planning Meeting for Asia Pacific Research Workshop

31 March 2020

A virtual planning meeting was organised by Asia Pacific Research Network to take stock of the COVID pandemic and state responses and also to plan for Research workshop for organizations in South Asia. The planning meeting also finalised the Training Needs Assessment tools and timeline. Later APRN came out with a statement for the governments in South Asia to respond through pro poor measures strengthening social solidarity and rights based approaches.

Governance Review Planning Meeting

04 March 2020, Delhi

Wada Na Todo organised a planning meeting for their governance review which they organise every year. Pairvi participated in the review and was requested to contribute to the review by sharing a piece on government’s performance on environment and climate change during 2019-20.

APRCEM Strategic Planning Meeting

10th to 13th January, Bangkok
Pairvi participated in the APRCEM’s strategic planning meeting at Bangkok. The participants included regional focal points of 18 constituencies and co-chairs and ESCAP representatives. Ajay K Jha (PAIRVI/CECOEDECON) provided global geopolitical situation and its impact on progress on the SDGs. The planning meeting discussed and finalised the strategic direction and action plan for two years. APRN hosted and sponsored the meeting.


Ground Level Peoples Forum

14 July 2019

APRCEM and APRN in collaboration with various organization organized a Ground Level Peoples Forum (as opposed to and parallel to High Level Political Forum) on 14th July, where a series of workshops, cultural events was organized culminating in a march to the UN. Ajay Jha gave a key note speech in the workshop on "Means of Implementation to reduce Inequality."

Participation in the HLPF 2019

9-18 July 2019, NYC

MAUSAM/PAIRVI has been participating in the HLPF since its beginning. Ajay K Jha from MAUSAM/PAIRVI participated in the HLPF on the invitation of the Asia Pacific Research Network. Ajay K Jha spoke at the side event organized by APRCEM in collaboration with regional commission ESCAP titled "Reviewing and Strengthening Regional Processes; Missing Links from Regional to Global." Ajay also participated in a meeting with ESCAP Executivee Secretary organized by ESCAP andd spoke on HLPF reforms in the regional context. He also participated in several MGOs meetings and provided feedback on varous events that he attendded during the HLPF. He also contributed a paper on HLPF reforms and reflection on the political declaration, which is the main outcome from the HLPF under ECOSOC and HLPF Summit to be organized in September 2019 by UNGA.

Pre HLPF Meeting

20 June 2019, Delhi

WNTA organized a pre HLPF meeting in Delhi too bring together the organizations and indiviiduals going to the HLPF. Ajay Jha participated in the meeting and provided an overview of the HLPF and spoke on Making HLPF effective.

Peoples Campaign on climate emergency

April 2019

The Campaign has been initiated by CSOs in India and seeks South Asian countries  and the UN to declare climate emergency in view of dismal performance of countries towards preventing runaway climate change and increasing risk to South Asian countries. Ajay K Jha participated in a number of events organized by the Campaign in Dharwad and Delhi. MAUSAM has provided a notional support to the Campaign at national, sub regional and global level.

HLPF preparation

Ajay K Jha has been nominated as the lead of the HLPF Working Groupof the APRCEM. As such he led the APRCEM conference call providing an overview of the expectations from the HLPF 2019. He also coordinated speakers’ nomination for the APRCEM. He represented RCEM and participated in the conference call of the HLPF coordinating committee of the CSOs.APRCEM is organizing a number of events at HLPF including Ground Level Peoples Forum (GLPF), side event on “Enhancing regional coordination towards the HLPF” with ESCAP and DESA. On behalf of MAUSAM, a side event application has been made to organize a panel discussion on “Peoples Campaign on Climate Emergency in Asia and the Pacific,” which is being co-organized by IBON Foundation, APRN, RCEM and Roots. Ajay has also applied to speak on SDG 13. A meeting was also held at PAIRVI on 23rd March with organizations who are going to participate in the HLPF this year. The participants also reflected on APPFSD and APFSD this year. The participants included Paul Divakar (Asia Dalit Rights Forum), RanjaSengupta (TWN), SusmitaChoudhury (ASPBE), Noopur (NCE), and Dr. Jawed Alam Khan (CBGA).

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Climate Crisis

Climate crisis has the potential to unexpectedly impact lives and development, and southern countries and communities dependent on natural resources are more vulnerable. Its interventions aim to bring urgency and adequacy in the mitigation and adaptation response of the governments and global community. It also works with vulnerable communities in strengthening their adaptive capacity. PAIRVI has engaged extensively with national and sub national policies on climate change as well as with international institutions like United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Conference of Parties (COP).