Participation in COP 23

A 20 member delegation from Beyond Copenhagen including Justice Panachand Jain, Dr. Sanjay Paswan, ShAtulAnjaan, Sh Om Thanvi, ShSharad Joshi participated in the COP and engaged in various activities.

PreCOP 23 Consultation

Beyond Copenhagen has been organizing a precop consultation to discuss major concerns and state of play in climate negotiations since 2009. For the last five years, PRECOP consultation has witnessed participation of government representatives, while a number of major actors and foreign missions have participated in the PRECOP Consultations since beginning.

Book Release: Lifestyle for Minimum Carbon Footprint

14th November 2016
Shri Anil Madhav Dave, India’s Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change called upon the global community to adopt minimum carbon footprint lifestyle and help make it a global mass movement. Speaking a book release event at the India Pavilion at COP 22 on 14th November, he said that international cooperation and policies have their own role in resolving climate crisis, however, as an individual all of us need to adopt a minimum carbon footprint lifestyle. He reiterated that this is the only way to sustainability.

Enhancing Pre 2020 Actions and Ambitions

14th November 2016
Shri Anil Madhav Dave, India’s Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, asked for strong and robust pre 2020 actions, and said that it was indispensible for successful implementation of the Paris Agreement. Chairing a side event he emphasized the importance of the pre 2020 actions and said that ignoring pre 2020 commitments is contrary to the core principles of the Convention and the spirit of the Paris Agreement. He added that strong and robust pre 2020 actions would enable us to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals, and failure to have genuine and meaningful pre 2020 actions would threaten delivering the range of the SDGs for majority of the humanity. The event was organized by PAIRVI, CECOEDECON and Beyond Copenhagen.

The Unfinished Business: How to close the Post-Paris adaptation and climate finance gap

10th November 2016
CECOEDECON, PAIRVI and BCPH India in collaboration with Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), Oxfam International and ISMUN organized a side event titled, “The Unfinished Business: How to close the Post-Paris adaptation and climate finance gap” in the UNFCCC-COP 22 in Marrakech, Morocco. During the event discussants highlighted the adaptation finance gap and stated key issues that the Paris agreement should address on a roadmap for the $100bn commitment – one that includes quantified goals for adaptation finance, and progress on accounting and governance of finance flows.

National Pre COP22 Consultation

22nd October 2016, New Delhi

The Pre CoP -22 Consultation organized by Beyond Copenhagen, PAIRVI, and Oxfam India was held at Constitution Club, New Delhi on 22 October, 2016. The consultation was organized with the objective of discussing important concerns and challenges before the Marrakech COP and what to expect from the upcoming COP. Leading civil society organizations working on climate change and sustainable development concerns, media, policymakers and representatives from important actors/countries through their missions in Delhi took participate in the Consultation.

Climate Activists Raise Alarm Bells vs Corporate Capture of Climate

Collaborative Side Events with Wider Coalitions
COP 21, Paris, 8 December 2015: PAIRVI and Beyond Copenhagen organized two collaborative side events with wider coalitions. One side event on “Corporate Capture of Climate” was co-organized with IBON international, APRN, and Global Forest Coalition. Another side event was organized in collaboration with Coast BD, Equity BD, CAN and many other organizations, which demanded rights of the climate refugees and a separate provision for loss and damage in the agreement. Besides, side events, the members also engaged on media and lobbying activities with climate activists from other continents.

Towards a Peoples’ Protocol in Climate Change

Lima Side Event, 6th December 2014, Peru
Beyond Copenhagen in collaboration with APRN, PCFS,IBON and APWLD organized this side event emphasizing that people in developing countries no longer see any promise in the UNFCCC process, which is moving further and further away from what is required to restore the climate system.

Adaptation and Agro-ecology; Women’s Strategies for Climate Change

Side Event, 1st December 2014
The COP 20 side event was co-organized by CECOEDECON, Beyond Copenhagen, Action aid International and Practical Action. Since there was no discussion on agriculture in COP 20/SBSTA, the side event hoped to get the attention of the country parties and negotiators as well as CSO participants on the issue of agriculture.

Expectations, Opportunities and Challenges for CoP 20

18th November 2014, New Delhi

The penultimate UNFCCC Climate Change Conference, CoP20, to be held in Lima is being seen as the final opportunity to draft an agreement to be signed in 2015 at Paris. The IPCC fifth Assessment Report expressed grave concern on lack of efforts and suggested that emissions must peak before 2020 to be able to keep the rise in temperature below.

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Conference of Parties (COP)

PAIRVI has been participating in the UNFCCC annual meeting Conference of Parties (COP) since 2009. PAIRVI as a part of Beyond Copenhagen organized a number of event/activities and interventions in every COP. The coalition has been participating in the Cop to highlight issues of climate justice, agriculture and food security and small farmers in climate change negotiations. The coalition has also scaled up these issues at sub national, national, regional levels. Pairvi’s experience at these side events have contributed significantly in capacity building, policy discussion and legitimizing global governance.