Side Events at COP 17

Climate Smart Agriculture; Myth or reality, 3rd Dec, Blyde River, ICC, Durban

The side event argued that the climate smart agriculture is a myth and falsehood being propagated by the agencies who have commercial interest in mitigation in agriculture. Besides, developed countries who do not want to reduce their own emissions are shifting the burden of mitigation on the developing countries and especially farming communities who are already under huge burden of adapting to the climate change impacts as they are the worst affected. The panelists included Soumya Dutta (BJVJ), Anika Shroeder (MISEREOR, Germany), Mr. Atul Anjan (Secretary, Communist Party of India) and Mr. Anil Dave (Member of Parliament).


State liability and compensation for climate change impacts; Time for International Tribunal (3rd Dec, Blyde River, ICC, Durban)

Beyond Copenhagen has been consistently raising the issues of climate justice and legal architecture on climate justice in the COP since last three years. In COP 17 it organized a side event on “State liability and compensation for climate change impacts; Time for International Tribunal.” The proceeding point for the conversation as laid down by the chair, Justice PC Jain that international legal architecture and jurisprudence to address climate change impacts needs to be strengthened in view of the fact that climate change impacts are intensifying everyday and more and more people are getting affected. He emphasized that while countries and parties of the UNFCCC are still negotiating on legal options and enforcement of Kyoto Protocol, people in developing countries are being severely affected. Every year the number of climate victims is rising substantially and they do not have any recourse to international legal mechanism to bring cases for their compensation. The available global legal institutions does not have the competence and jurisdiction to take up action against private or state parties, and therefore it is felt that an international Tribunal be created to help develop climate change jurisprudence and help victims access relief and recourse, and at the same time help in enforcement of global climate regime. The other speakers included Mr. Soumya Dutta, Mr. Ajay K Jha, Ms Tenzing Woebem (Tibbet), Mr. Bharat Patel and Justice V S Dave.

Conference of Parties (COP)

PAIRVI has been participating in the UNFCCC annual meeting Conference of Parties (COP) since 2009. PAIRVI as a part of Beyond Copenhagen organized a number of event/activities and interventions in every COP. The coalition has been participating in the Cop to highlight issues of climate justice, agriculture and food security and small farmers in climate change negotiations. The coalition has also scaled up these issues at sub national, national, regional levels. Pairvi’s experience at these side events have contributed significantly in capacity building, policy discussion and legitimizing global governance.