Expectations, Opportunities and Challenges for CoP 20

18th November 2014, New Delhi
The penultimate UNFCCC Climate Change Conference, CoP20, to be held in Lima is being seen as the final opportunity to draft an agreement to be signed in 2015 at Paris. The IPCC fifth Assessment Report expressed grave concern on lack of efforts and suggested that emissions must peak before 2020 to be able to keep the rise in temperature below. Though there has been an effort in recent months to increase the momentum towards Cop 20 through a number of efforts including UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon’s Climate Summit in New York, People’s Climate March, joint declaration by the USA and China, the outlook towards COP 20 is weak. Specific expectations from COP 20 remain low; however, success in Lima will determine the success in Paris. With these concerns, Beyond Copenhagen along with INECC, Laya, CANSA and Oxfam India organized a PreCOP Consultations to look at these issues, expectations and possibilities at COP 20.
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Conference of Parties (COP)

PAIRVI has been participating in the UNFCCC annual meeting Conference of Parties (COP) since 2009. PAIRVI as a part of Beyond Copenhagen organized a number of event/activities and interventions in every COP. The coalition has been participating in the Cop to highlight issues of climate justice, agriculture and food security and small farmers in climate change negotiations. The coalition has also scaled up these issues at sub national, national, regional levels. Pairvi’s experience at these side events have contributed significantly in capacity building, policy discussion and legitimizing global governance.