Interventions: ENERGY JUSTICE

Consultation on Energy Issues in North East India

19th June, Shillong
Energy is source of all living beings but it is also becoming a problem for human beings. BCPH in collaboration with Manipur Nature Club and other organizations organized a Consultation to discuss the energy projects and its effects on people, environment, water and forests in North East. It was attended by more than 30 participants from North Eastern states of India. The Consultation was organized with an objective to discuss the status of energy, climate change and its relation with energy at national and international level. It was also aimed to discuss the financial, social and environmental effects of the proposed and ongoing energy projects in North Eastern states. After a long discussion with the participants, it was concluded that there is an urgent need to start a large public campaign on the adverse impacts of energy projects on people, environment, water and forests. Participants have also ensured that they will monitor these projects in their states and will also help in organizing public campaigns.

Energy Justice

It works to enhance understanding on energy, renewable and energy alternatives and energy justice. It advocates just energy transition which promotes equity, democracy and peoples controls over energy systems. PAIRVI believes that drastic reduction in energy use in industrialized countries is a pre requisite for climate stabilization, sustainable development and just energy transition. PAIRVI works with peoples groups and the government to reduce fossil fuel dependence and promote decentralized, locally viable and community controlled energy alternativesas well as promoting equitable renewable energy policies.