Interventions: ENERGY JUSTICE

Energy Access and the Role of Infrastructure Financial Institutions; Peoples' Convention on Infrastructure Financing

21-23 June 2018, Mumbai.

A workshop ‘Energy Access and the Role of Infrastructure Financial Institutions’ was organized by Pairvi jointly with NGO-FORUM on ADB on 22nd June 2018 during 3 day long Peoples' Convention on Infrastructure Financing, Mumbai, June 21-23, 2018. Pairvi is a member of the organizing group - Working Group on International Financial Institutions (IFIs).

SoumyaDutta, Shreedhar, WanunPermpibul and Rajesh Kumar were the speakers. Chetna Joshi moderated the session. Issues related to energy management system and the paradigm shift that it requires, clean energy accessible to all, just and fair energy transition, question of affordability of clean energy in the face of climate change threats, the technologies that are coming up were discussed in the workshop. About 30 participants from 7 countries participated in the workshop which looked on the needs for decarbonizing the IFIs namely ADB and AIIB with leaning lessons from other campaigns on stopping coal and other fossil fuel energy projects from civil society groups across Asia.  Mr. SoumyaDutta also addressed large gatherings on ‘Industrial Corridors, mega infrastructure funding and IFI’s’ and ‘Bullet through the People – the train’ during People’s convention.

Energy Justice

It works to enhance understanding on energy, renewable and energy alternatives and energy justice. It advocates just energy transition which promotes equity, democracy and peoples controls over energy systems. PAIRVI believes that drastic reduction in energy use in industrialized countries is a pre requisite for climate stabilization, sustainable development and just energy transition. PAIRVI works with peoples groups and the government to reduce fossil fuel dependence and promote decentralized, locally viable and community controlled energy alternativesas well as promoting equitable renewable energy policies.