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Fact Finding on the Custodial Torture, Death and Unprovoked Police Firing in Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh

PAIRVI received phone calls from residents of PO Wadhani, distt. Singrauli asking for fact finding in the alleged atrocities committed by police and custodial torture resulting in death of a young man named Akhilesh Kumar Shah (age-27 years), custodial torture and illegal confinement of Mr. Sanjay Kumar Shah (age-24 years), and death of Mr. Naqeeb Ahmad Siddiqi (age-22 years) in unprovoked police firing. It was also demanded that Superintendent of Police, Mr. Jeydevan A and Station House Officer Mr. R S Rajput, who conducted torture should be charged with murder of Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Shah and custodial torture of Mr. Sanjay Kumar Shah. Media reports also suggested police atrocity and torture resulting in deaths of said victims. An independent civil society fact finding committee was constituted by many civil society organizations concerned over the events that took place at Singrauli. The Committee was headed by Justice (Retd.) P C Jain and composed of Soumya Dutta, National Convenor, Bharat Jan Vigyan Jathha, Sanjeev Kumar, Delhi Forum, Ajita George, Johar, Jharkhand, and Ajay Jha, PAIRVI, Delhi.
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