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Consultation on Election Manifesto of Political Parties; Reading Beyond the Rhetoric

9th April 2014
With the Election Manifestoes of the major national political parties of India under public domain and the General Elections to the 16th Lok Sabha in India under way, a discussion on various parties’ vision of governance agenda was organized on 9th April, 2014 by PAIRVI at N.D. Tewari Bhawan in New Delhi. The co-organizers included BCPH, BJVJ, CECOEDECON, Focus on the Global South, and SADED.
At the meeting people and experts analyzed the election manifesto of political parties and their response to major issues facing the country including economic policy, farmers wellbeing, sustainable agriculture and food security, land rights, rural and urban development, health, social justice and marginalized populations, energy climate change and disaster, labour, trade etc. The discussions created space for all sectors, constituency and concern to be represented. Leading discussants included Abhay Xaxa (NCDHR), Aseem Shrivastava (Ecological Economist), Gopa Kumar (TWN), Dunu Roy (Hazards Centre), K B Saxena (CSD), N Paul Diwakar (WNTA), Prakash (Kachra Kamgar Union), Ramesh Sharma (Ekta Parishad), Ritu Priya (JNU), Soumya Dutta (BJVJ) and Vijay Pratap.
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Human Rights

PAIRVI works with grassroots organization to protect human rights, promote internationally accepted standards of human rights and monitor human rights conditions. It works to strengthen peoples capacity to respond to human rights challenges and improve human rights infrastructure.