Interventions: HUMAN RIGHTS

Fact Finding on Murder of Five Women in Jharkhand labeling Them as Dayan

5th & 6th October, Ranchi Jharkhand

A case of Witch Hunting was reported by media in August. The tragic incident of lynching of five women, mainly from tribal community, branded as witches by a group of villagers took place at Maray Toli, 2.5 kilometer away from Mandar police station in outskirt of capital city Ranchi in Jharkhand.
A team from PAIRVI visited the village to understand the hidden motives behind the lynching. Even though women were killed after labeling as dayans, but later no one in this village openly accepted that these women were witches. However, it was learnt that behind the garb of superstition, property dispute, family and personal rivalries were main reasons.

Human Rights

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