Interventions: HUMAN RIGHTS

Consultation on Access to Safe Drinking Water in Government Primary Schools in rural Bihar

30 August 2017 | Mohiuddin Nagar
PAIRVI has conducted a fact finding on access to safe drinking water in the schools and analyzed the four parameters (TDS, Iron, Arsenic and E Coli) of water samples of 26 government primary schools in Vaishali and Samastipur which are arsenic affected districts in 17th -18th July 2017. However, this is very small sample size but the result is very startling. 
Excessive amount of iron water is found in all water samples and one-third of water samples indicate the higher amount of arsenic level. The students and teachers of these schools have complained about the health implication of contaminated water. Following this finding a meeting was organized in a primary school of Mohiuddin Nagar block of Samastipur district on 30th August 2017 to share the report. This is one of the arsenic affected schools. Students, teacher, local legislator, members of PRIs and local social activists and organizations participated in the meeting. The local legislator promised to test the water particularly the arsenic poisoning of each school of the district and raised this issue to the state level.  She also promised to provide potable water jars in school with immediate effect.

Human Rights

PAIRVI works with grassroots organization to protect human rights, promote internationally accepted standards of human rights and monitor human rights conditions. It works to strengthen peoples capacity to respond to human rights challenges and improve human rights infrastructure.