Interventions: HUMAN RIGHTS

MahakaliSamvaad and Meeting of the Indo-Nepal Joint Action Forum (INJAF)

27th April, Banbasa, Uttarakhand

The Consultation was organized by INJAF to discuss and emphasize cross border concerns including Mahakali River, human trafficking, water sharing agreements and indo Nepal relations. More than 50 organizations from both sides of the border including Maiti Nepal, REEDS, NEEDS, INSEC, NNSWA (from Nepal) participated in the Consultation. Ajay Jha and Dinbandhu Vats from PAIRVI participated in the Consultation.

Ajay Jha provided a historical overview of Indo Nepal relations, water sharing agreements, major irritants and challenges, and prospects in future relations. Din Bandhu Vats shared the status of Pancheshwar dam and civil society’s concerns. ShTej Singh Bhandari, Coordinator (India), emphasized on the need to strengthen people to people contact to improve Indo Nepal relations. The MahakaliSamvaad seeks to improve indo Nepal relations and weave in concerns of people on both sides of the river Mahakali. It aims to explore culture, society, economics and politics on the Mahakali river basin populations in India and Nepal.

Human Rights

PAIRVI works with grassroots organization to protect human rights, promote internationally accepted standards of human rights and monitor human rights conditions. It works to strengthen peoples capacity to respond to human rights challenges and improve human rights infrastructure.