Reclaiming Dignity, ensuring inclusive development; The Struggle for Dalit Human Rights in India

India in 2007 will celebrate its 60 years of Independence showcasing its liberation from colonial powers and enjoying the freedom of expression and movement. Unfortunately, the free and independent India even after decades of achieving independence still remains stuck to the age old traditional practices of...

Mainstreaming Human Rights Based Approach; Experiences & Challenges

The three day workshop was organized to discuss and develop a common understanding of the human rights based approaches. A significant component of the workshop/discussions was also to have their experiences of mainstreaming human rights based approach.

State of Child Rights in India

The CRC rights to survival, protection, development and participation serve as the four broad indicators along which the profile has tried to map the status of child rights in the country as well as the abovestated states.

Status of Human Rights in Jharkhand

This report should serve as an instrument to bring the various sections of the society together and make them commit with renewed vigour to accomplish everything that still must be done to ensure the realization of human rights.

Status of Human Rights in Rajasthan

This report is an analytical as well as categorical study of the status of Human Rights in the State of Rajasthan. It could also be said to be an eye opener to the government as well as the State Human Rights Commission as to the deteriorating conditions of theHumanRightsintheState.

Status of Human Rights in Uttaranchal

In furtherance of the faith in fundamental human rights reaffirmed by the people of the state of Uttaranchal, India, we are delighted to present before you a report on the scrutiny of the status of Human Rights in the state of Uttaranchal.

Child Marriages in Madhya Pradesh; An Incessant Infringement of Rights

A Rapid Assessment of Child Marriages in Bhind, Morena and Gwalior Districts of Madhya Pradesh (2009). This report is result of combined efforts of a number of individuals and organizations.

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