Agriculture in Climate Change Policy Negotiations

Agriculture is a sector which gets heavily ipacted by climate variability while it also significantly contributes to climate change. Agriculture production contributes about 14% to the total GHG emissions worldwide. This does not include the emissions during agri-food chain...

Climate Change and Food Security in South Asia
A Framework for Regional Cooperation

While climate change is now widely perceived as perhaps the most serious and complex problem of the times ahead, at the same time South Asia has been often identified as an area where very serious impacts of climate change may be manifested in the near future

Myth of Climate Smart Agriculture

The climate smart agriculture being pushed down the throats of small farmers in the world is advocated as triple win, increased food production, cash for poor farmers and climate resilience in farming. It sounds impressive. However, there are no models yet to show that it can happen the way which is being proposed.

खुदरा व्यापर में विदेशी निवेश

सरकार नव-उदारवादी नीति की राह पर चल रही है और विदेशी निवेश का बढ़ावा इसका प्रमुख हिस्सा है. देश की वर्तमान आर्थिक स्थिति के मद्देनज़र ,एफडीआई को प्रमुख समाधान के रूप में देखा जा रहा है. खुदरा व्यापर अब तक अनछुआ था लेकिन एक ही बार में सरकार ने 51 प्रतिशत विदेशी निवेश की अनुमति दे दी है जिससे देश के लगभग 4 करोड़ खुदरा व्यापारियों के सामने गंभीर संकट पैदा हो गया है.

Agriculture and Climate Change; Peasant Farming in Crisis

Climate change is not only an environmental issue but a defining problem for generations to come which can slow down the pace of progress towards sustainable development either directly or through increased exposure to adverse impact or indirectly through erosion of the capacity to adapt.