Interventions: Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Agriculture

Workshop with Uttarkashi Farmers

28th & 29th January 2017, Uttarkashi
The Workshop was organized with an objective to familiarize the farmers with BCPH’s intervention in the region and generate discussion to understand their regional challenges and plan out goals for the upcoming months. Farmers were on trained on agricultural practices, govt schemes, and recommend solutions etc. in the workshop. Agri expert from KVK Dr. VK Sachan, Pradhan from Chamkot Shri. Pradeep Kumar, Up-Pradhan from Seku Mrs Hema Devi, BCPH Convernor Mr. Soumya Dutta, Programme Coordinator from PAIRVI Ms. Nirma Bora and BCPH Uttarkashi Coordinator Mr. Devender Uniyal and around 55 farmers from all 5 selected panchayats of Uttarkashi participated in the workshop. Farmers committed to take up joint action of writing an application to the Horticulture Department for providing quality seeds to farmers; contacting KVK for agriculture related solutions, recommendations and training; taking initiative for setting up of custom hiring centres, growing feed for livestock (napier or barsim grass) on wasteland.


Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Agriculture

Climate change poses insurmountable challenges to food and agriculture. PAIRVI works to promote food sovereignty which entails sustainable food production through natural and agro ecological approaches, fair price and dignity to the farmers, and fair trade policies. PAIRVI works with farmers to enhance their resilience and income and represents their concerns at sub regional/regional and global fora. It also looks into the interrelations of policies and programmes on energy, agriculture and water. PAIRVI also works to secure land tenure for farmers and women farmers and to resist land grabs and corporate control over agriculture and agricultural inputs.