Interventions: Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Agriculture

Workshop with Farmers in Jharkhand

26th – 27th February, Daltanganj
Training for farmers took place on 26 February at Panchayat Bhawan, Lahlahe Panchayat, District Palamu, witnessing participation by 50 farmers from all 5 selected panchayats of Jharkhand. The training was facilitated by agri expert from Birsa Agricultural University Dr. RP Singh and Dr. DK Rusia, Ms. Sunita Kamal from KVK Chianki, BCPH Convernor Mr. Soumya Dutta, PAIRVI Programme Coordinator Ms. Nirma Bora and staff of Humanity- BCPH partner organization in Jharkhand. 
The workshop began with Ms Bora sharing the broad programme objectives and possible areas of activities for the coming 1.5 years with farmers and team Humanity.  Following which atleast 2 farmers from each village provided a brief narrative of the challenges facing agriculture and allied activities. The details of these challenges are mentioned below.
The challenges of Village Bhogu, Panchayat Lahlahe as shared by farmers Satish Paswan, Ramjeet Majhi and Renu Devi are -large part of the land being fallow, canal is rainfed, lack of irrigation facility, no farm ponds in the village, govt provided handpumps yield less water indicating a drop in water level, pest on wheat and paddy crop, damage to cops by wild boar, monkeys and elephants at times.
The challenges of Village Kushi, Panchayat Polpol as shared by farmer Vikas Kumar Paswan are- lack of water for irrigation, canal collecting water from Malahe dam being broken leading to further wastage of water, indebted farmers, no consideration on the request application submitted to local authorities for reconstructing the canal.  
The challenges of Village Pidiya, Panchayat Jhabar as shared by farmer Jairam and Tetri Devi are- village is at a height from Badka pond thereby irrigating only 4 kattha farmland, broken canal leads to further wastage of water, no soil test ever conducted on fields, damage to standing crops by neelgai.
The challenges of Village Ganke, Panchayat Kaudiya as shared by farmers Surya Narayan and Balram Singh are- the village is at a height from the canal causing shortage of water for crops and livestock, the rocky surface causes water in the farm pond to percolate within a month, only one crop is harvested per year, half the village is not electrified though poles have been erected few years back, potato crop gets damaged during fog. 
The challenges of Village Salo, Panchayat Sarja as shared by farmer Subash Kumar Singh are- the canal running across the village being fed by Malahe dam is perennial in nature, need for lift irrigation facility to supply water from canal to far off farms, seeds and  manure from government stores are priced equivalent to private stores.


Food Sovereignty and Sustainable Agriculture

Climate change poses insurmountable challenges to food and agriculture. PAIRVI works to promote food sovereignty which entails sustainable food production through natural and agro ecological approaches, fair price and dignity to the farmers, and fair trade policies. PAIRVI works with farmers to enhance their resilience and income and represents their concerns at sub regional/regional and global fora. It also looks into the interrelations of policies and programmes on energy, agriculture and water. PAIRVI also works to secure land tenure for farmers and women farmers and to resist land grabs and corporate control over agriculture and agricultural inputs.