Status of specially Abled Children in Education System

7th July 2017, Bhopal
PAIRVI along with NIWCYD Bhopal conducted a fact finding on "Status of Specially Abled Children in Education System" in Bhopal District of Madhya Pradesh from 17th April to 20th April 2017. In this fact finding we’ve visited Government run primary and middle schools, school for inclusive education authorised by government, centre for specially abled children run by NGO, CRC of Madhya Pradesh. We also talked with and interviewed teachers, CRC officers, children (enrolled and out of school both) and their parents/family members. Major finding is that the number of specially abled children among the total enrolled students in the government schools is only 1%. Most of the children are out of the school or drop out because of lack of the facilities they need. The final report was released and shared with relevant stakeholders on 7th July in Bhopal. 
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The ultimate aim of Pairvi is to improve the human rights conditions through capacity building of grassroots organizations on advocacy, rights based approach and human rights issues and monitoring of human rights conditions.
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