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PAIRVI is an advocacy support organization committed to capacity building of grassroots organizations in Human Rights practice and advocacy. It undertakes specific campaigns to promote economic, social and cultural Rights in Northern and central Indian states. PAIRVI also seeks to address social attitudes and behavior to facilitate positive social changes and invoke participatory and accountable governance.


We work on:

Climate Change and Sustainable Development

The climate change crisis is no longer just an environmental problem but has serious implications on the communities dependent on natural resources as means of livelihood. India is among the most vulnerable countries due to its high dependence on monsoon for agriculture, food security and livelihood, and also due to its long coastline.


Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Agriculture faces insurmountable challenges in times of climate change. Farm production and productivity is threatened due to rise in temperature, acidification of soil and water, reduced precipitation, and water availability. This necessitates agricultural production to be sustained to feed the growing population.


Human Rights Advocacy and Monitoring

PAIRVI's basic mandate as a social change organization lies in initiating the process of policy change as well as strengthening human rights infrastructure. Besides, specific local/state human rights concerns have also been brought into discourse through a variety of measures.



Advocacy and Capacity Building

Pairvi works with small grassroots organization on advocacy and organizational development and also provides them hands on support to strengthen their campaigns.



MAUSAM is aimed at initiating dialogues in ‘public space’, on the capitalism-induced climate change and its bogus market solutions like carbon trading and biofuel, mainly in the context of India. Knowledge of these ‘issues’ has so far been the exclusive property of governments, profiteers, and ‘experts’ of various shades and hues. As a result, the only information one gets on these subjects is either a confusing mass of ‘technical’ statistics or a series of simple ‘to-do’ lists, which reduces the climate crisis to the level of ‘plant ten trees in your neighbourhood’. With it's stories, opinions, case studies, and facts – Mausam will try to focus on simple and basic information related to the climate crisis. for instance, how the development and India’s sustainable-market-alternative projects are hitting this country's people, and how people are fighting back.

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