Public Advocacy Initiatives for Rights and Values in India (PAIRVI) was formed in 1998 and registered under section 25 of the Indian Company’s Act 1956 as a company with non-profit status.

PAIRVI is a capacity building and advocacy support organization working at the intersections of rights, development and sustainability. It works with small grassroots organizations and community based groups to enhance their understanding on development discourse and capacity to respond appropriately. 

PAIRVI also works with a pan Indian coalition on climate and environmental justice, MAUSAM (Movement for Advancing Understanding on Sustainability and Mutuality), previously Beyond Copenhagen.

OUR Interventions

PAIRVI engages with policies, programmes and peoples responses to promote sustainable development, climate change, food sovereignty and protection of peoples rights.
The primary constituency of PAIRVI is marginalized populations across all sections with specific attention on the most marginalized and the most vulnerable. PAIRVI’s multilayered and multifaceted interventions seek to addressthese issues from grassroots level to national level.
It also advocates and represents marginalized community perspective in international discourse and policies on sustainable development, climate change, poverty and inequality, aid and trade and peoples and human rights.

we work on

Climate Crisis
Climate crisis has the potential to unexpectedly impact lives and development, and southern countries and communities dependent on natural resources are more vulnerable. Its interventions aim to...
Sustainable Development
PAIRVI promotes rights based approach to development and believes that current economic models have failed to address poverty, inequality, marginalization and are based on overexploitation of natural resources...
Food sovereignty and sustainable agriculture
Climate change poses insurmountable challenges to food and agriculture. PAIRVI works to promote food sovereignty which entails sustainable food production through ...
Human Rights
PAIRVI works with grassroots organization to protect human rights, promote internationally accepted standards of human rights and ...
Publication Catalogue

LATEST activities

National Youth Workshop: Nurturing Youth – Creating Possibilities
National Youth Workshop: Nurturing Youth – Creating Possibilities
January 15, 2024
PAIRVI has been, for many years, organizing the national workshops to build perspective of the CSOs on various issues and to create a platform for sharing advocacy strategies, celebrating ou...
सामाजिक परिवर्तन के लिए फोटोग्राफी विषय पर कार्यशाला
सामाजिक परिवर्तन के लिए फोटोग्राफी विषय पर कार्यशाला
December 14, 2023
पैरवी और समवेत, भागलपुर की ओर से 'सामाजिक परिवर्तन के लिए फोटोग्राफी' विषय पर एक फोटो एवं वीडियो डाक्यूमेन्टेशन कार्यशाला का आयोजन 30 नवंबर 2023 को भागलपुर में किया गया। इस कार्यशाला का ...
5th Asia Pacific Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities
5th Asia Pacific Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities
October 9, 2023
Asia Pacific Forum of Ministers and Authorities of Environment | 3rd to 6th October, 2023 • UNEP organizes Regional Forum in all the 6 regions of the UN before each UNEA. This time UNEA is ...

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