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PAIRVI is a capacity building and advocacy support organization working at the intersections of rights, development and sustainability. It works with small grassroots organizations and community based groups to enhance their understanding on development discourse and capacity to respond appropriately. PAIRVI also works with a pan Indian Coalition on climate and environmental justice, MAUSAM (Movement for Advancing Understanding, Action and Mutuality, previously Beyond Copenhagen).


PAIRVI engages with policies, programmes and peoples responses to promote sustainable development, climate change, food sovereignty and protection of peoples rights.
The primary constituency of PAIRVI is marginalized populations across all sections with specific attention on the most marginalized and the most vulnerable. PAIRVI’s multilayered and multifaceted interventions seek to addressthese issues from grassroots level to national level.
It also advocates and represents marginalized community perspective in international discourse and policies on sustainable development, climate change, poverty and inequality, aid and trade and peoples and human rights.

Training toolkits for CSOs

June 2020

PAIRVI in collaboration with OFFER network developed 6 training toolkits for CSOs. These toolkits and modules will help CSOs with understanding nuances and application of -

(i) Rights Based Approach to Development

(ii) Localizing SDGs

(iii) Citizens and Entitlements

(iv) Networking and Advocacy

(v) Community Mobilization, and

(vi) key NGO Policies.

Meeting with FAO project partners

May 2020

Meeting with nodal organizations in all the states were undertaken over the month. Besides, other issues the discussion focused on community seed banks and field testing of pulses during the coming month. All the activities in the project are continued (except physical meetings) despite the lockdown.

Letter to Union Health Minister for monitoring sewage water for SARS Cov.2

May 2020

PAIRVI sent a letter to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the NDMA asking them to monitor sewage water for corona virus. It can be a good proxy for community testing, which is difficult due to lack of test kits.

Letter to UNEA 5 President

May 2020

Ajay Jha led the drafting team to send a response to the UNEA 5 President, who sought response of the stakeholders on many issues related to environment during the pandemic, theme of the UNEA 5 and outcome message, and how UNEA 5 could play a more meaningful role in future. UNEA 5 is scheduled to take place in March 2021 at Nairobi, Kenya with the theme “Strengthening Actions for Nature for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals” and the presidency is with the Norwegian Environment Minister.

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About Us

Formed in 1998, PAIRVI works at the intersection of development and rights. It works with small grassroots organizations, community based groups and a pan Indian Coalition on climate and environmental justice, MAUSAM.



Strength of the team is each individual member. We have dynamic, meticulous and vibrant team members from different streams whose sustained efforts help in realization of organization’s goal.


Governing Body

PAIRVI’s Governing Body is characterized by the seasoned, erudite and distinguished members from academic, legal, social and bureaucratic fraternity who guide the organization to accomplish its greater vision.


Annual and Financial Report

What an organization does and achieves, reflects in the activity report. you can go through PAIRVI's work in it's annual reports. Organization keep its financial record transparent and open. You can see the financial statements here.




PAIRVI is based in Delhi having active presence in many states and offers exciting opportunity to understand and learn society, economics and politics and participate in knowledge generation, research and campaigns. PAIRVI is an equal opportunity employer and encourages women, youth and people from marginalized communities to apply for suitable positions.
Please direct your queries to know more and apply at career@pairvi.org



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