Consultations with women beedi workers in Samastipur, Jamui and Banka, Bihar on 3rd, 6th and 7th December 2021

PAIRVI has been working with women beedi workers to improve their human rights conditions and life situation. Baseline survey of 329 women headed households of beedi workers in Jamui, Banka and Samastipur districts in Bihar and Jabalpur district has been conducted to empirically observe and document the life situations, livelihood conditions, access to basic needs and social security benefits of beedi workers.  After this survey the consultations with women beedi workers were organized to devise to further interventions with them.

Samastipur | December 3, 2021
Jamui | December 6, 2021
Banka | December 7, 2021








Our Partner Surendra Kurmar ,Jawahar Jyoti Bal Vikas Kendra (JJBVK) is facilitating this work in Samastipur  whereas Lok Vikas Kendra (LVS) is the key partner in Banka and Jamaui districts. Meeting was organized with JJBVK in Samastipur on 3rd December at Akhtiyarpur Village where 30 women mostly from minority communities participated in the discussion. Women expressed their concerns and aspirations.  It has been decided to organize the camp to register them as informal labour to avail the social security benefits. Meetings were organized with LVS at Gorsoti village, Jamui and Chandan Village, Banka on 6th December and 7th December respectively.  More than 50 women participated in these districts. Labour cards have already been issued to all these women of Banka and Jamui in camps organized by PAIRVI  and LVS.  Now the focus is on to ensure their livelihoods and to develop a cooperative of women beedi workers to make their work commercially sustainable.


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