United Nations High Level Forum on the SDGs

5th to 15th July, UN HQ, New York.

Ajay K Jha participated in the HLPF as co-chair of the Major Groups and Other Stakeholder Mechanism (MGOS CM). his participation was supported by APRN. He was instrumental in organizing a number of events at the HLPF briefly mentioned below;

  • MGOS Official Session, 12th July: Ajay moderated the HLPF Official session which was chaired by the President of the ECOSOC. In his remarks Ajay K Jha provided a context in which the HLPF is being organized, major challenges and expectations of the MGOS from the HLPF. Pls find the transcript of the speech attached. More than 28 speakers including 15 from the Member States took the floor during the event. The recording of the event can be accessed at https://pairvi.org/2022/07/28/hlpf-2022-mgos-official-event/
  • MGOS Side Event, 13th July; Ajay K Jha provided the closing remarks in the MGOS side event.
  • Side event on Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development, 14th July; Ajay K Jha provided highlights of the PCSD Study in Asia Pacific and in South Asia.
  • Side event on VNRs, 11th July; Ajay Jha spoke on behalf of the MGOS and l;aid down expectations from 3rd generation VNRs, gaps and challenges in conducting inclusive VNRs and Follow ups.
  • MGOS Orientation on the HLPF, 30th June, online; the MGOS organized an orientation on the HLPF for new (and old) participants following HLPF online or participating in person. The Orientation was organized in two sessions on procedure and participation opportunities and political aspects.
  • Managing MGOS Meetings and Special Event Ticket Distribution; Ajay K Jha chaired the morning meetings of the MGOS and helped ticket disctribution among all the Major Groups/Stakeholder Groups equitably as well as accommodating representatives from ECOSOC accredited organizations turning up outside of the MGOS system.
  • Coordination with UN DESA and focal point; Co-chairs were the MGOS nodal points for coordination with UNDESA for the HLPF. Co-chairs also ensured that speakers get the US visa, air tickets and DSA in time to be able to participate in the HLPF.
  • Comments on the Ministerial Declaration of the HLPF 2022; Co chairs were the clearing house for comments on the various iterations of the MD. The final comment on the MD by APRCEM is attached for your kind perusal.
  • Bilateral meetings; Ajay K Jha was involved on behalf of the APRCEM in bilateral meeting with delegations of the EU, Finland, Bolivia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka
  • Coordination and preparatory meetings; a number of meetings were organized with different MGOS Constituencies and task groups, Co-Facs of the Ministerial Declaration, UNDESA, Office of the President of the ECOSOC and others running through May to July in order to prepare for the HLPF which also included inviting nominations and selecting speakers for the 13 sessions of the HLPF and 44 VNR sessions, organizing MGOS official event and side events, country processes for engaging national organizations and networks and for selection of speakers for the VNR sessions.