From Problems to Solutions; a consultation on Socio-economic development of Paharia PVTG

PAIRVI organized a consultation on Socio-economic development of Paharia PVTG: From problems to solutions at Training Hall, Lumai Haveli, Dumka, Jharkhand on 10 June 2023.

Being a Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group (PVTG), the Paharia community deserves special attention and government assistance for their upliftment. Many government schemes are implemented to improve their socio-economic status and betterment of basic needs like education, health, livelihood, employment, cultural preservation etc. But this community is still far away from the essential requirements and facilities for a dignified life. Their life is based on water, forest, land and animals. In the new development module, there is a crisis in all the tribal communities, but the primitive tribes are also tribals for the tribals, so the crisis is deeper for them at every level. Issues like lack of health facilities, malnutrition, lack of education, lack of basic facilities, crisis of livelihood, and migration due to reduction in forest size are threatening their existence. Due to discrimination and marginalization from other social groups, this community has almost no participation in opportunities, services and decision-making processes.

In such a situation, along with government efforts, the role of civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations is important and a concerted effort is needed. Keeping these facts in mind, this discussion was organized. More than 35 participants participated in the discussion which included members of Paharia tribal groups, members of local Paharia organizations, public representatives, social workers and local journalists. The discussion was moderated by Dinbandhu Vats, PAIRVI and vote of thanks was given by Krishna ji. Social worker.

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