SDG Summit 2023

Ajay K Jha was the Focal point of the APRCEM during the SDG Summit. He was invited to speak in the SDG Summit (Leader Dialogue 5) on the 18th September representing Asia Pacific Regional CSOs Engagement Mechanism (APRCEM) and CECOEDECON. He was also invited to speak in the MGOS Coordination Mechanism (MGOS CM) side event titled “Breaking the barriers and Leaning no one behind” on the 16th September.



SDG Summit

SDG Summit Leaders Dialogue 5 (19th September) was entitled “Unity and Solidarity; Strengthening the Multilateral system for enhanced support, cooperation, follow up and review.” The dialogue was moderated by the President of Mozambique and the Prime Minister of Iceland. Ajay K Jha was the only CSO speaker in the event. Around 20 Heads of the Government (Prime Minister) and Heads of the State (President) including Presidents of Turkiye, Ukraine, Iran Cyprus, Central African Republic, Japan, Norway, Kuwait and Vice President of the China also spoke on the LD5.

Ajay K Jha spoke on Transformative Multilateralism and Partnerships. The recording of the event can be seen here (from 1 hour 22 minutes onwards). His Paper is attached.



Mobilization Weekend

Mobilization weekend on the 16th and 17th September was devoted to MGS/CSOs and transformative Innovations by the private sector. On 16th September, the Major Groups and Other Stakeholders Coordination Mechanism (MGOS CM) on the HLPF/SDGs organized an event titled “Breaking the barriers and leaving no one behind.” Ajay K Jha was one of the speakers in the event. He spoke on the “Gaps in Multilateralism.” Ms. Amina Mohamed, Deputy Secretary General, Human Rights Commissioner (NY), Minister of Ireland and Germany also spoke on the event.

The video recording of the MGOs event can be accessed on the UN webtv here (from 1 hour and 10 minutes onwards)